Be Real When Sh!t Gets Real (Based on True Events)

You and I supposed to be family but when a situation happened, you shut down. Worst part was that it had absolutely nothing to do with you. You made it about you.  You didn’t walk into the situation blind. I called you and told you. I am sure that Jasmin didn’t see you and yell “help Carlito, save me.” You made a conscious decision to insert yourself in the situation. When it didn’t turn out well for you, you needed someone to blame. Herein is where my problem lies with you. You created this fake narrative where you are the victim. Dude, take responsibility for your actions. 


I didn’t let you walk into a bad situation. I left a bad situation because I could see my staying there wouldn’t serve any good purpose. Furthermore, I was alone in the situation. Deuce had Jasmin, and Jasmin had her mom. I wasn’t waiting around to be “rescued” by anyone. I made the best decision for me in that moment and I stand by it. Because unlike you, even in the worst situations, I can see different perspectives. 


You went into that situation in your savior mode and you reacted. You ever think about how you could’ve handled yourself differently? Frankie was there, why were things different for him? FYI: he told me how everything went down after I left when he came back to the room. So, I was left scratching my head when you came out of hiding and told me how you felt. 


You say I offer you different perspectives on topics. So, allow me to flip your narrative about what happened. This is all your fault. If you had just let me go to get my car keys, instead of insisting you would go for me; I would have not ended up in that situation to begin with. That’s right Carlito, it’s all on your head. You made me stay back. I wanted to go get my car keys. You did this… 


This right here is some sucker shit. Imagine me telling you or anyone else this. You were in savior mode as always and was trying to help me. Should I fault you for that? I don’t. So please explain to me why is it you want to fault me for something that happened to me and did not directly involve you? Why are you on some sucker shit? 


Jasmin and I resolved everything about that situation the same night. I wasn’t mad about but it, did shake me in other ways. However, I didn’t burden any of you with my feelings. Heard from Jasmin that night, and Frankie too, but you fell silent. I did not hold it against you. Still don’t. You stopped communicating for weeks. That did start to feel hurtful until I reminded myself that I did nothing wrong to anyone. I was definitely in my feelings about a lot of things but I didn’t stop communication.


When I finally see you at work and say what up, I get that phony bad energy response. Then this sucker story full of “we” and “us” as if you’re speaking for Jasmin when I was sure that Jasmin and I had already put this to rest the same day. Not cool. I’m at the point where I own my grown and all my baggage. It is not my job to chase down adults and be a mind reader to figure out their issue with me. I’m not jumping through hoops for immature and controlling behavior. It serves no good purpose. If you got a problem, speak up. Take responsibility for your actions. Own them whether the outcome is good or bad. 


I don’t speak often for other people but I will say this. Jasmin and I ride for you 100% no matter what we may have going on. The way you have treated both of us the pass few weeks is FUCKED UP! You post about toxic behavior. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be distant when you’re feeling a way. However, when you do it knowing it will negatively impact another person, that’s toxic. 


My view of you hasn’t changed at all because we all have our shit. You do get some well deserved side eye from me. How we proceed will be up to you. Remember what I texted you the morning of the trip… 



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