Call me Mr. Yasuhiro: A Dream


I never imagined myself being rich. I have never desired to have material wealth. I always wanted to be financially stable; that is having just enough to live a comfortable life. I also never saw myself being married but wanted to be a parent. If I had a child, I’d want a daughter. Her name would be Arizona, like my favorite iced tea. Yes, a comfortable life for my daughter and I.


Ari would be okay with my sexual orientation and love her two dads. I never thought about who Ari’s mom would be, but I’m sure she would be as wonderful as her child. As I got older, the dream of marrying seemed to be in the cards. I imagined I would find the man of my dreams and settle down. Yes, a comfortable life with my husband, my daughter and I.


I never imagined myself being rich, yet I want my husband to be a wealthy Japanese businessman. I know that is very specific. We would meet, instantly fall in love and marry in Japan. He would be a wonderful, kind, caring and loving man. He would enjoy being a dad to my Ari and adopt her, completing our family. With Ari’s mom’s blessing, we would move to Japan. Yes, a comfortable life with Ari, Kenji and I.


Kenji and I would be the kind of parents that wouldn’t spoil Ari, but give her the freedom to be her own person. We wouldn’t bog her down with our expectations for who we think she should be or what she should do. Ari would grow to be a free spirit and we as proud parents, would cheer her on. Before you know it, Ari would be off to college in the states. Kenji and I would be settling into retirement. Two old man enjoying a lifetime of love, having shared an amazing life together. Yes, a comfortable life indeed.

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